About the Author

This is a small bio about Kasey's loving mother Rebecca Didier the author of the book.

Rebecca Didier was born on September 18,1954, in Baton Rouge,La. She still lives in Baton Rouge with her husband of thirteen years , Brian. She has a son and a daughter named Kevin and Kasey, one granddaughter named Lauren Grace. A wonderful daughter in law named Christy and a beautiful Godchild named Miyoko. Rebecca attends Healing Place Church in Baton Rouge. Rebecca is a firm believer in God. Rebecca and Kasey have a lot of love and faith in God which helped us to receive many miracles from God. Rebecca lost both of her parents, stepfather, and Kasey all with in sixteen months. Rebecca's book is all about a message from Jesus Christ and no matter what trials comes your way on your journey here on earth Jesus is always with you until the end. Kasey From A Butterfly To An Angel is a very inspirational story. Rebecca wrote this book in memory of Kasey, and her one prayer is that it will inspire and help others through their difficult journeys here on earth.

This book is a true story that will make you believe in Jesus Christ and understand why Jesus didn't take Kasey home to heaven right after her tragic car accident. It's about a family's journey of faith that took us down a path that is every parent's nightmare. But with Jesus by our side, we always felt hope and love, but most of all he gave us all the faith that we needed day by day to pull us through this roller coaster ride here on Earth. Jesus gave Kasey the strength and courage to fight to live for twenty one months even when all odds were against her.