The book is dedicated first to Jesus Christ:

Thank you for giving Kasey, Brian and I all the faith, courage and most of all the strength we needed to fight and hold together as a family, for twenty-one months. We never once thought about giving up to do our Lord's will. We thank you Jesus from the bottom of our broken hearts, for the many, many blessings. We will always be grateful for the twenty-one months you gave us before you decided to take our angel home to heaven. I thank you for all the miracles that you aloud us to witness. Brian and I am looking forward to the day that our souls will be reunited with Kasey's but most of all meeting you Jesus. Thank you Jesus. Love, Rebecca and Brian Didier

Our second dedication goes to our Loving Daughter:

Kasey Joy Kidder, who taught us more about Jesus, faith, hope, courage, love and the will to fight to live, even when all odds were against you. You taught so many people about Jesus Christ. We know that's why Jesus left you here for twenty one months to do his will. Mr. Brian, Mom, Kevin, Christy, Lauren Miyoko, family and friends, we will always be proud of you for being the loving and strong child of God that you were. I thank Jesus everyday for sending me an angel like you down from heaven for twenty two years before Jesus took you back to heaven. I feel as though I've been touched by an angel and I knew her by name. Mom is looking forward to the day that our spirits meet in heaven, and then we will be together for eternity. All my love and kisses!!! Love and Miss, MOM

Our third dedication goes out to a very special angel in heaven:

Which is my mother, Joyce Mae Stoner. Thanks for always being there for Kasey and I. You always gave me all the strength that I needed to go through day by day. You always were there to listen whenever I needed a hug or a mother's touch. Kasey learned so much from you as she even watched her Grandma have the will to fight for her life even when all odds were against you with stage five lung cancer. Your positive attitude will always be with me in my future, with any trials that Jesus sends down my path here on earth. Thank you Jesus, for my beautiful mother! I couldn't think of a more beautiful person to send to heaven to be with Kasey until our spirits meet. Mom you will always have a special place in my heart even though you took a big piece of it when you left this earth. Love and Miss Rebecca