Kasey's Miracles

Miracle #1

We knew that whenever God left Kasey on this earth, it was to put out a message from him up above to all his people. With that powerful message, God knew that he had to have some miracles into the journey, so his people will even believe in him more. On September 3rd around 3:00 a.m. Kasey clicked and called me to her bed. She couldn’t speak, you would read her lips. The only sound that she could make was a clicking sound. I use to call her my little dolphin, because that is just what she sounded like, anyway they are a sign of healing. When I got to the side of her bed, right away you could tell that she was at peace, because normally she was in a lot of pain. She asked, “Mom, what is that noise behind my bed?” I said, “It is your ventilator.” She said, “Mom, I don’t need it anymore, because I am walking down a path.” I asked, “Do you see Jesus?” She said, “Yes.” Then I asked, “Are you going to Heaven?” She said “Yes.” “Is it as beautiful as they say it is up there?” She said, “Mom, I don’t know. I’m not there yet.” I needed to change Kasey’s bed sheets, so I put up the partition. I had already woken up Brian, because I knew that something special was happening. He set up the movie camera and was sitting at our table waiting for me to finish with Kasey so he could video what was being said. I always told Kasey what I was doing to make her feel as though she played a part of what was going on at the time. I told her, ‘Kasey, I’m going to put these sheets into the washer and I’ll be right back.” I was only gone for about ten seconds and as I turned around the partition, my feet just came to a complete stop. I couldn’t believe my eyes. I can still feel the thump from my feet coming to such a sudden stop. Kasey’s hand was hooked to the railing of the bed. For twenty one months, her arms and legs never moved. They always would just lay there wherever I put them down at. We always had the video camera ready and an instamatic camera ready, just in case something would happen, because Brian and I knew that Kasey was left here to do God’s work. I asked Kasey, “How did your hand get up there?” She said, “Mom, you know how and it wasn’t me.” Right away I grabbed the camera to take a picture. God is so powerful that morning, just like many days, you could feel the holy spirit in our home. There is no other way then Jesus Christ, how Kasey’s hand got on that bed. Her fingers were all turned in if you look at the picture, you can tell how he opened just enough fingers to catch the bed railing. The night before, we had some friends come over and their daughter played the harp for Kasey and Peggy brought over the infant Jesus statue and we all prayed over Kasey’s body. Kasey had told us the night before that we are fixing to see a big miracle, but we had no idea that it would be this powerful. After I got Kasey dressed, I happened to touch her arm on the top where you could never touch before, because of live nerve endings. As soon as I did that, she said, “Mom, I feel your touch. I can feel you touching my flesh.” I couldn’t believe all what was happening on September 3, 2002. God was so good to us. We have this part on video. Kasey was so much at peace. Her eyes were just so deep with glow and her soul was so much at peace. Why didn’t Jesus let me see her hand come up? I don’t know, but all I can tell you is, it was one awesome experience.