Kasey's Testimony

Kasey gave her testimony at a church called Fordoche Baptist Church. At the time she was so sick and had been running fever and diarrhea for 30 days. She said that nothing was going to stop her from doing her testimony, because she knew just what it meant to Jesus. I promise you, there wasn’t a dry eye in that church. The saddest part is whenever she started crying, because whenever she would mention the part that she had died in the ditch, it made her feel so sad inside. After she cried, she told everyone that she was sorry for crying. Your heart couldn’t help but to get heavy for her. This is the words to her testimony:

"First of all I would like to thank all my family and friends for being here. Especially my Godfather and his wife! I just wanted to thank them for being here. Second of all thanks for all the prayers. “Prior to March third last year, I thought that I had everything.” “I had a good job, friends, nice car and a family that loved me.” “On March third at approximately 2:10 a.m., I was a passenger in a car, traveling at about 30 mph on a rainy night.” “The car hydro-planed and left the road and stopped in the ditch at a culvert.” “Instantly, my neck was broken and my perfect life was over.” (Then she stopped for a second and started crying whenever she would think of herself dead in the ditch. All our hearts got real heavy, just to see the pain coming from her heart.) She looked up and said, “I’m so sorry for crying, but every time I think about being dead in that ditch, it hits me hard in my heart.” Then she went on to say, “I was without oxygen for ten minutes.” “During the next 24 hours, I was in a coma.” “The doctors advised that my parents should consider pulling the plug.” “God intervened and I woke up from a coma.” “But, in the first seventy two hours, I flat lined fifteen times in six hours, for forty seconds at a time.” “Also, my heart rate would go form 0 to 160 and back.” “The doctors told my family that I would not get any better.” “I would never be able to eat or drink and would eventually die from these complications.” “It wasn’t a very bright future.” “I’m happy to tell you, that God proved the doctors wrong.” “Then God spoke to me through Mike and Bridget and having accepted him as my personal savior and Lord, they have helped me to grow spiritually.” “The reason I am here today with you, is to show you that God is my Lord and Savior and I want everyone to know that.”

Then everyone stood up and started clapping. As sick as she was, she still put a smile on her face. Oh, how proud I was of her. It was an emotional day for Kasey and physically hard on her. But, she understood the importance of the day.