Summary of Book
On December 4, 1979 God blessed us with an angel. Little did we know at that time, her life here on earth would be so short, yet have so much meaning at the end. On March 3, 2001 Kasey was riding with a friend and she lost control of the arm and Kasey’s neck was broken. She died instantly and was without air for ten minutes. Every doctor would tell us, “After four minutes without air, you are brain dead, but not my earth angel. Kasey’s journey of faith began on a stormy and rainy night about 2:10 a.m. She became a quadriplegic. She couldn’t speak, smell, laugh, eat or drink, but she never once let Jesus down. She just picked up her cross and ran with it with a big smile on her face and never stopped until Jesus took her home on November 27, 2002. She has shown the world many, many miracles and even though her flesh isn’t here on earth, her spirit is so strong. We lost Kasey about twenty times before the Lord took her home for the 21st time. I would think every time her heart would stop, God would say to her, “Go back my earth angel, because there is still work that needs to be done.” The doctors told us that morning in the trauma center, “You daughter is on a cliff and she is going to die slowly with one infection after another and even the medicine won’t help her anymore.” “It will be a painful death.” I had twenty one months to watch our angel suffer, just like the doctors said. They were right about everything but had no idea that she would live twenty one months. She always felt like a burning pain in her legs,arms,ears and in the back of her head. Through all of the suffering, she tried to always keep a smile and would tell people not to feel sorry for her. “I’m just fine.” “I have Jesus in my heart.” Her faith in Jesus was unbelievable! She has touched so may lives with her smile, faith and the will to fight to live, even when all odds were against her. I know God is very proud of her, but so are we. She has taught me more about Jesus Christ in twenty one months then I could have ever taught her in twenty two years. We wrote a book about Kasey’s journey of faith if you would like to order one you can order it from this website We kept a journal of Kasey’s life from the beginning, because we knew that something special was happening to all of our lives. We sent out email updates. Just from our computer, we had one hundred and thirty five addresses, and then those people would forward it all to their family and friends. It went as far as Africa. There was no way that I could write her whole story on a website. It had to be put into a book form.