I just want to say how inspired I've been by reading Kasey's story. It amazes me how God places people in your path for a reason. Never thought I would start up bowling again after 12 years of not being on a league and meet my teammate Brian. And through him, be introduced to you Rebecca. Just by bringing homemade oatmeal raisin cookies and a gentle smile, you graced our bowling team with your gentle presence and story about your daughter. I want to thank you for that! From the moment the summer league started, I knew our team had been meshed together for a reason. Brian's demeanor is one of a loving spirit, calm, and inviting and surely not knowing why God would lead me to these teammates bur in everything giving thanks to Him. God has truly worked a miracle on not only Kasey's life and that spirit she leaves behind, but His presence and peace shows through both you and your husband. I thank God for your family & story-- and after looking/reading the website, I know I am to forever stay connected to God. See Kasey is only one year younger than I and I have recently recommitted myself to the Lord. I've known Christ, but for awhile lost my alignment with Him and I know that everyone God is putting in my path is to help keep me focused and aligned with his Word. So I thank Kasey for serving as an angel for me! Oh, those cookies were fabulous! Keep the faith and continue to spread the Word! Thanks Rebecca, Brian, and Kasey for being a light in my life!

Kyra Wills Luckett

I met Kasey's mom in the chapel at Woman's Hospital this week. She was praying for a family member. I am the manager of the Day Surgery unit and it is my practice to pray each morning before starting the work day. God crossed our paths for some reason...we shall ride the journey together and see what God has planned.

Johnetta Russ

I read Kasey's book and it brought a whole new meaning of life to me. I am 21 and I couldnt imagine this happening to me. I was never a person to drink and drive or ride with anyone that has been drinking due to past experiences, but now I can promise you the thought won't come across my mind!! It's such a sad but inspiring story. I read the book in 2 days because I couldnt put it down. Incase you are wondering I am the babysitter of the Mason's and thats how I learned of your story and asked to buy your book. I have a cousin that was injured really bad and his life has been totally changed from being a football star, marine, to being someone that will not be able to do any of the above. He wasn't as bad as Kasey but he can't see and he has some issues with his brain. He was also told he would never make it and he did. He also had spinal cord injury and was told he wouldn't be able to walk are talk and God proved the doctors wrong and he do both. You have inspired me to write a book as well on our experiences with Jason. It's wierd to know they had some of the same doctors. His brain surgeon was Dr. Landreneau and he seemed to become part of our family! We also had Dr. Peters he is our whole familys ENT.. We love him! Well thanks for your inspiration and sharing your story... Keep your hopes high and God by your side and we will all make it through anything God brings us... The one think I always remember is if God brings you to it, he will bring you through it... and it looks like he has!!! My prayers are still with your family and friends and may God keep sending strength to y'all and may Kasey keep sending butterflies to y'all :)

Ashley Lambert

Rebecca, I heard about your daughter's story this past Sunday at HPC. What an inspiration! My family has been through a similar experience. On Sept. 6, 2003 my 19 yr old brother died in his sleep due to an accidental overdose. My mother found him and hasn't been the same since. I lost my grandpa, brother, mother-in-law, and father-in-law in a 2 yr period from July 2003 - May 2005. We have had a difficult past 2 yrs but through God's grace our lives have been blessed with a beautiful little boy and one on the way as well as a new home and a much closer relationship with Jesus as well as each other. What more could we ask for. I just want you to know that Kasey's story is truly an inspiration and that your strength as her mom in having to go through this ordeal is equally inspiring. It's been 2 yrs since my brother died and I still don't feel that my mom is where your are in her acceptance with the loss. I pray for her get to that point all the time and I think once she sees Kasey's story and how faith can bring strength to you, maybe this will help her in her journey. Thank you for sharing your daughter's message!

Tasia Hebert

I just wanted you to know that you did a great job on this book. I know that Kasey is real proud right now. I know she is shinning a big huge smile down on her mom and Mr. Brian. Guys we all did a great job.

Donna Clark