Special Thanks

The first person that I want to thank is my wonderful husband.

I'm so proud to tell people that I'm Mrs. Brian I. Didier. When I met the Didier family, I felt just like I met the Walton's family and I married John Boy. God has really blessed me with a wonderful husband. Kasey and Kevin are his stepchildren. They might not be his biological children, but they are born in his heart. Oh! How this world could use a lot more fathers like him in it. Thank you honey, for always being there for us and sharing lots of love from your big heart! Your Dad in heaven must be very proud of you.

All my love forever, Mrs. Brian I. Didier and our special angel in heaven!!!

Chuck and Edith Mitchell

You will always be remembered for all the acts of kindness, love, faith and patience to stick by our angel to show her the way to heaven. It’s because of you two that never gave up on all three of us, that she is now walking the streets of gold and singing as loud as the angel above, just thanking Jesus for giving her a wonderful Uncle and Aunt in her earthly life. You two really showed the world just how family must stick together.

Kasey was loved by so many family and friends. You wrap up all these beautiful smiles into one big present and it forms the recipe called Love and Faith.


Kasey’s Aunt Edith worked at the bank and one of her friend’s husband decided to help Kasey out by having a golf tournament. So he did. His name is Danny and the tournament was played at Magnolia Creek Golf Course in Ethel, LA. We can’t thank him enough for all the help, but most of all the memories of her being there. Every time we go back to Magnolia Creek Golf Course, we see hanging on the wall a photo of Kasey and the two men that did the Lord’s work and as a mother, when I enter that club house it warms my heart and soul to see her smile, maybe not by flesh, but by spirit.

Greg Murphy was Kasey's lawyer. God really blessed our family by bring such a Godly man into Kasey's life. After she died, I wrote him a letter about how I felt about him and it goes like this:

I just wanted to take out this time to say Thank You from the bottom of my broken heart for all what you have done for our angel, Miss Kasey. You were always there when ever she needed you, in any way and I'm sure she is looking down from heaven just smiling and watching over you and your family. I can always remember whenever I told her that you were coming over she would just put the most beautiful smile on her face and heart. And as a mother, I can't thank you enough for every smile that you put in her lonely heart. God has blessed us in so many ways though this trial and journey in Kasey's life here on earth. This is one trial as an attorney in your lifetime that, Kasey was the victim, you were the attorney and God was the judge and jury and when judgment day comes for your life here on earth, I know in my heart Jesus will say, Greg Murphy you won this case because of your faith and kindness for one of my angels on earth. Thanks again and God Bless you because he has already blessed us just by letting our paths cross on the Journey of Faith here on earth. What an honor here on earth, you have been touched by an angel and you know her by name. And you seen her say her last sentence here on earth. Jesus is here and anything can happen, all of this just because you took out the time to read a flyer. God Bless from the wings of an angel, Kasey.

Greg, we know that Kasey has touched your life in many ways, but you gave her so much peace, love, but most of all, your time out of your busy life, which always put a smile on her beautiful soul. Thank you Greg once again.

Joseph Ferguson

24 Hours to Make a Difference. The first time Joseph Ferguson met Kasey, he shared what he had learned about dragonflies; a dragonfly only lives for 24 hours. Think about that fact! If you knew you only had 24 hours to live, how different would your life be? Would you be more loving? More caring? Would you forgive? Could you forget? And would you make sure that your Eternity was secure? Make sure now by asking Jesus Christ into your life like they did. He makes all the differences.

My Godchild, Miyoko

You know in life God sends us love ones to help guide us down the path to Jesus. At the age of sixteen years old when Kasey's journey of faith began, you showed your God mother how it doesn't matter what age in life you are, you pulled through and hung in there for me and Uncle Brian and most of all, Kasey. I know that it wasn't easy to watch tears rolling down her swollen face of pain, just asking us to help her and we couldn't. Not even the doctors. But you never gave up. I know now, Kasey is just shinning down on you and guiding you with the wind underneath her angel wings. I will always remember you for being here when I needed you the most in Kasey's life. God Bless you because he has already blessed me just by sending you into my life. Love, Nanny and Uncle Brian

Kevin, Christy and Lauren Grace

Special thanks to our son, Kevin and wife, Christy, for being there for us as a family. I know that it wasn't easy trying to live at two places at the same time, but you never gave up. You always took out the time of your family life to share it with us and the countless days and nights that you came over to bring Lauren Grace over to put a warm smile on your little sister's lonely heart. Special thanks to our granddaughter, Lauren Grace for always giving her nana strength to go on, by telling her for twenty one months ever time before she left, hang in there, Chick, you can do it, be tuff. Then Kasey would put that big beautiful smile on her face. Lauren, I know that nana will send you many butterflies, because you were the apple of her eyes. Thank you Christy and Kevin, but most of all Jesus for giving our family a beautiful granddaughter. God had it all planned out knowing that Kasey's life would be short to send us a granddaughter to look just like her. Thank you Christy, for the countless hours that you gave us from your big heart. Thank you Kevin for all the times that you came over and picked up your little sister to put her in her chair, she always felt safe in your arms. God Bless, Love, Mom, Mr. Brian and one of our family angels in Heaven.

Kasey's Resting Place

Kasey was buried at Resthaven Gardens of Memory, in Baton Rouge , LA. Her body was laid to rest there, but we know her spirit is high above in the Heavens. We go often and we know it is only a symbolic place for us to remember Kasey. It does help us to keep her spirit alive and all the memories we share with everyone that we meet. It helps us also to remember her journey and never forget how she has and still will touch lives, giving hope and inspiration to many, to deal with their most difficult trials in their lives. I asked my friend, Lisa that works for Resthaven if she would please take a rose and throw the petals on Kasey's coffin and tell her that I love her as the coffin is being lowered into the earth. She told me that she had only done one rose and was shocked to see how many petals were on the ground when the picture was taken. Thank you Kasey, for letting me know you received my message. There are still many people that ask, “Where is she buried at”, because after they hear about her story, they feel a sense of closeness.